Value Added Operations - Process

Jäger Production
Jäger Production

Depending on the application, the material and/or the complexity of the profile ; our processes provide a wide range of secondary operations which can included within the extrusion process:

  • Cold applicated mounting aids
  • Heat activated acrylic foam bonding systems including plasma treatment
  • Chemical primer based bonding systems
  • Spray and/or hand applied coating
  • Cut to length/kiss cutting/punching

Offline secondary operations are required when the extrusion speed exceeds the process time or complex geometrical  features have to be added to the profile:

  • Thermoforming of contour geometries formed to profile extrusions
  • Corner Joints/end caps: extruded profiles can be joined together with variable three dimensional geometries/molded
  • Insert injection molding
  • Punching for complex contours